2011 State of Endpoint Report:
The Latest Research from Ponemon Institute and Lumension

A constantly shifting IT risk environment, led by increasingly sophisticated malware attack vectors that focus on exploiting third-party and web-based application vulnerabilities, has left traditional endpoint security approaches behind. This, coupled with ever more powerful, portable, and connected computing platforms has resulted in organizations feeling less secure today than they did one year ago.

Additionally, many organizations do not have the right arsenal of technologies in place to most effectively reduce endpoint risk. As a result, organizations are wasting valuable time, money and resources while continuing to expose their IT environment to unnecessary risks.

Key findings in the annual State of Endpoint Risk study include:

  • 48% of individuals surveyed reported an increase in IT operating expenses and 59% of those respondents cited malware as a main driver.
  • One-third of all individuals surveyed admitted to putting no restrictions on which applications run on their network while another one-third reported they employ application policies but do not actively enforce them.
  • Individuals surveyed said preventing applications from being installed (55%) or executed (47%) on the endpoint, especially Web 2.0 applications, is a top challenge.


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Shifting State of Endpoint Risk: What Strategies to Use and How to Get Started

The status quo approach to endpoint security is both ineffective and costly. In the State of Endpoint Risk study sponsored by Lumension and conducted by Ponemon Institute, organizations do not feel more secure than they did last year and IT executives acknowledge that the people, processes and technologies necessary to deal with a constantly changing IT risk environment are not supported by stagnate IT budgets. Meanwhile, operating costs are increasing and malware has proven to be a significant cost driver.

New approaches to managing endpoint risk are required. In this webcast, we will examine the evolving IT risk environment and recommendations to more effectively and cost-efficiently secure endpoints. Learn about:

  • Increasingly sophisticated malware and the associated costs
  • The top 5 applications that concern IT the most
  • Third-party and Web 2.0 application usage policies and the importance of security awareness training programs
  • Effective methods to communicate with senior management on the evolving endpoint risk and its impact to the business
  • Technologies that effectively prevent malware and cyber attacks

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Download the State of the Endpoint Report: Read this new study from the Ponemon Institute to obtain a global perspective of endpoint management and security trends and challenges.


A sampling of 564 experienced IT and IT security practitioners whom passed four screening questions that assessing the respondents’ experience and knowledge about IT endpoint risk.