IT Security Solutions by Role


Policy-Driven, Operational Security Solutions
Throughout the Enterprise

Lumension solutions bring disparate groups together within an enterprise to
address endpoint security and operations challenges.


Provides executives with visibility into the organization’s security posture and its effectiveness with regards to policy and regulatory compliance.

IT Operations

Delivers IT staff with the capabilities to maintain network and endpoint integrity, assess the impact of incidents, manage software and hardware inventories and manage employee access.

Compliance Officer

Provides compliance officers with the necessary controls and reporting capabilities to enforce compliance with security policies or regulations.

Security Administrator

Enables security staff to identify and block threats and demonstrate the effectiveness of security strategy/programs.

With the barrage of threats from inside and outside the corporate walls and with regulations enforcing strict security and operations standards, enterprises face the daunting task of effectively managing their risk at the endpoint. Today’s mobile workforce multiplies the challenge exponentially as enterprises must extend their protection and control of their users’ behavior and corporate endpoints to:

  • Remediate application and OS vulnerabilities
  • Maintain desired security configurations
  • Prevent data leakage, loss or theft
  • Protect against malware and zero-day threats
  • Protect all computing assets, from servers and laptops laptops to removable media like USB sticks and CDs / DVDs
  • Deny use of unauthorized peripheral devices and unwanted or unlicensed applications

In facing this challenge organizations have deployed many point products, leaving them with no consolidated and consistent policy-based approach. In these situations, there is no feasible way for business, IT and security groups to interact with each other because each solution is in its own silo.

Lumension’s policy-driven, operational security solutions enable enterprises to effectively manage risk across disparate groups, comply with security policies and regulations, consolidate IT resources, and ultimately reduce costs and improve overall efficiencies. Based upon a policy-framework that mitigates non-compliant behavior or vulnerabilities before problems occur, Lumension solutions assure that desired security postures are consistently and continuously enforced throughout the enterprise.