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Security Management Solutions for Compliance Officers

Organizations face a myriad of evolving regulations governing information protection, internal controls and endpoint risk management. Corporate compliance officers are tasked with the day-to-day management of policy or regulatory compliance, ensuring that issues within the organization are appropriately evaluated, investigated and resolved.

Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, PIPEDA, GLBA, CA SB1386, FISMA, FDCC, PCI, EU, Basel II, and NERC are just a sampling of the many regulations that require compliance from a security perspective. These standards require different security measures and processes to be enforced around data protection and system integrity, and also require detailed audit trails that prove regulatory or policy compliance. While enterprises face mounting threats from external and inside forces, compliance officers must ensure that policies are established and enforced throughout the organization, in order to maintain system integrity and confidentiality of customer records, personally identifiable information, intellectual property, personal medical records, classified data, or financial information. Without the proper security management solution, compliance officers are not provided with the capabilities to effectively perform the duties of their job, such as:

  • Identifying potential areas of compliance vulnerability and risk
  • Developing and implementing corrective action plans for resolution of problematic issues
  • Providing general guidance on how to avoid or deal with similar situations in the future
  • Delivering reports on a regular basis to senior management and if necessary to external auditors

Lumension’s Security Management Solutions Assure Compliance at the Endpoint

Lumension’s security management software is designed to protect your vital information and manage your critical risk by enforcing and reporting compliance status with internal company policies as well as with government regulations and industry standards. Enabling compliance officers to gain visibility into their organization’s security practices, Lumension’s solutions deliver policy-based endpoint controls to enforce compliance with security regulations.

With Lumension’s security management solutions, compliance officers can be assured that compliance with security policies and regulations are consistently and continuously attained throughout the enterprise. Lumension® Vulnerability Management combines actionable vulnerability assessment with rapid patch and remediation to effectively manage critical risk.

With Lumension® Endpoint Protection, you can apply an application whitelist to ensure that only authorized applications can execute on a network, server, terminal services server, thin client, laptop or desktop.

Lumension® Data Protection protects the confidentiality of corporate IP, customer and financial records by enforcing data and removable device usage policies, as well as enforcing encryption for any information moved onto a removable device.

Providing detailed and actionable audit information, Lumension’s security management solutions enable organizations to prove policy compliance as well as with certain industry regulations.

The result is the protection of corporate IP and compliance with industry and regulatory security and operational standards.

Lumension’s Security Management Solutions Enables Compliance Officers to:

  • Assure compliance with regulations governing security management, privacy and internal controls
  • Discover assets through network and agent-based security assessments
  • Develop endpoint security policies and mandatory baselines
  • Assess and remediate vulnerabilities and configuration issues
  • Enforce application and device use policies at the endpoint
  • Control and monitor the flow of inbound and outbound data
  • Enforce encryption of data onto a removable device
  • Audit security policies through detailed and actionable reporting