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Managing Endpoint Risk for the Executive

C-Level executives are challenged with implementing internal controls to ensure that business runs efficiently, that corporate intellectual property (IP) is safeguarded, and that the organization complies with pertinent industry and regulatory security standards. Not being able to enforce such controls to manage corporate endpoint risk is simply too costly when you consider the following:

  • Seventy-five percent of Fortune 1000 companies fell victim to accidental and/or malicious data leakage¹
  • $6.3 million is spent on average per year per organization in lost business and recovery costs for lost or stolen corporate data
  • Fifty-six percent of CISO’s noted employee misuse of corporate data as the most serious IT challenge³
  • Due to loss of customer/employee information, many customers have lost trust and discontinued support for organizations4
  • As a result of a data breach, nineteen percent of customers discontinued their relationship with the company and more than 40 percent said they might discontinue their relationship4

Protecting corporate IP and implementing proper controls to manage endpoint risk is of top concern as most targeted attacks and data leaks - inadvertent or intentional - occur at the endpoint. The challenge is exacerbated by a largely mobile workforce, which extends the corporate walls to new boundaries.

Only through policy-driven protection and control security solutions can executives rest assured that:

  • Risk is being proactively managed
  • Disparate groups are working together to develop and enforce policy
  • The organization is in compliance with security policies and regulations
  • IT resources are being consolidated
  • Costs are reduced and overall productivity is improved

Lumension Solutions Manage Endpoint Risk

Lumension assures executives that corporate risk is effectively managed at the endpoint by employing a policy-based framework that mitigates non-compliant behavior or vulnerabilities before problems occur. Lumension is uniquely capable of protecting your vital information and managing your critical risk:

  • Lumension® Vulnerability Management combines actionable vulnerability assessment with rapid patch and remediation to effectively manage critical risk.
  • With Lumension® Endpoint Protection, you can apply an application whitelist to ensure that only authorized applications can execute on a network, server, terminal services server, thin client, laptop or desktop.
  • Lumension® Data Protection protects the confidentiality of corporate IP, customer and financial records by enforcing data and removable device usage policies, as well as enforcing encryption for any information moved onto a removable device.

Providing detailed and actionable audit information, Lumension security management solutions enable organizations to prove policy compliance as well as with certain industry regulations.

The result is the protection of corporate IP and compliance with industry and regulatory security and operational standards.

Managing Endpoint Risk for Executives:

  • Ensures that proper internal controls are in place to keep business running effectively
  • Safeguards the confidentiality, integrity and availability of sensitive data
  • Protects against network security breaches where confidential data could be exposed to fraud or where network availability is disrupted
  • Controls and monitors the flow of inbound and outbound data
  • Assures compliance with policies and regulations governing privacy and internal controls

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