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Security Management Solutions for IT Operations

IT Operations groups are faced with the unenviable task of understanding what IT assets are in the network, ensuring the availability and bandwidth of enterprise IT assets, responding to the impact of network and system breaches, managing software and hardware inventories and configurations and managing employee access to different assets and data throughout the enterprise. Vulnerabilities are exposed and targeted on a daily basis - many of which must be addressed immediately. And without proper security management solutions, end users can easily install and run applications that can negatively impact the integrity and stability of network endpoints.

Consider that IT Operations must manage and respond to a whole host of issues, such as:

  • Thirteen vulnerabilities are identified each day¹
  • Mis-configured endpoints are the root cause for 60% of all exploited vulnerabilities²
  • The speed at which hackers are identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities through the use of automation
  • The amount of unlicensed software that is used throughout the enterprise - 27% of all software on business computers is unlicensed³
  • Laptops and desktops that must be rebuilt due to malware and configuration issues – 85% of corporate machines are rebuilt each year4
  • Network disruptions or outages – the average enterprise downtime is 23 person days with average time to achieve full recovery at 31 person days4

Lumension’s Security Management Solutions Enable Visibility and Management of Corporate Endpoints

Lumension’s proven policy-driven solutions enable IT Operations groups to effectively manage the availability, performance and integrity of network endpoints.

Through comprehensive scanning of all network devices and endpoints, Lumension’s security management solutions deliver IT Operations groups with actionable information of their IT environments by discovering and inventorying all assets, providing accurate assessments of software vulnerabilities and configuration issues and prioritizing identified threats for orderly remediation.

Optimize Your IT Environment to Ensure an Always-On Business

Lumension’s solutions give IT Operations groups the power to maintain endpoint configurations, stability and performance as originally delivered from the manufacturer:

Lumension® Vulnerability Management combines actionable vulnerability assessment with rapid patch and remediation to effectively manage critical risk.

With Lumension® Endpoint Protection, you can apply an application whitelist to ensure that only authorized applications can execute on a network, server, terminal services server, thin client, laptop or desktop.

Lumension® Data Protection enforces data and device usage policies to protect sensitive data from leaving the network and to protect malicious code being introduced via removable media.

Lumension’s security management solutions also lower endpoint security total cost of ownership by minimizing the amount of time required by the IT Operations team to immediately respond to network or endpoint issues.

The final result is an available network and corporate endpoints, and thus a business that is open 24x7.

Lumension’s Security Management Solutions for IT Operations:

  • Provides network and agent-based scanning capabilities to identify all IT assets
  • Automates patch and remediation of software and configuration vulnerabilities
  • Maintains endpoint stability and integrity by allowing only authorized applications to execute and only authorized devices to be accessed
  • Records all attempts at executing authorized and unauthorized applications as well as all attempts at connecting authorized and unauthorized devices
  • Reduces the risk of network disruption or outage

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