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Security Management Solutions for Security Administrator

Security administrators have found that traditional solutions cannot adequately protect the network as evidenced by the fact that 75 percent of enterprises will be infected with financially motivated, targeted malware that evaded traditional perimeter and host defenses¹. Endpoints are the likeliest entry point for malware, which can be introduced from browsing the Internet, installing vulnerable software, and from removable devices.

Just as crippling to an organization as a network disruption or outage caused by malware, is the threat of data leakage:

  • 27 percent of organizations detected at least one targeted attack 244 percent of organizations were victimized by insider abuse of networks and 42 percent had laptops or other mobile devices stolen²
  • $6.3 million is spent on average per year per organization in lost business and recovery of lost or stolen corporate data³

Most data leaks and targeted attacks – inadvertent or intentional - occur at the endpoint and many of these are generated internally. Endpoints that are not up-to-date with patch levels, and unmanaged removable media and applications are easy targets for data to escape into the wrong hands.

Lumension’s Security Management Solutions Protect Enterprise Endpoints

Lumension’s security management software protects against internal and external threats targeting organizations by providing the necessary controls to manage the data flowing to and from network endpoints, and by rapidly patching and remediating vulnerabilities and enforcing application and device control policies so that IT assets and sensitive data are not exposed.By employing a policy-based framework that mitigates non-compliant behavior or vulnerabilities before problems occur, Lumension is uniquely capable of ensuring that desired security levels are consistently and continuously enforced throughout the enterprise.

Through comprehensive scanning of all network devices and endpoints, Lumension’s security management solutions provide organizations with actionable information of their IT environments by discovering and inventorying all IT assets, providing accurate assessments of software vulnerabilities and configuration issues and prioritizing identified threats for orderly remediation.

Stay Out in Front of Malware and Zero-Day Threats

Lumension® Vulnerability Management combines actionable vulnerability assessment with rapid patch and remediation to effectively manage critical risk.

With Lumension® Endpoint Protection, you can apply an application whitelist to ensure that only authorized applications can execute on a network, server, terminal services server, thin client, laptop or desktop.

Lumension® Data Protection enforces data and device usage policies to protect sensitive data from leaving the network and to protect malicious code being introduced via removable media. The confidentiality and integrity of sensitive data is ensured by enabling only authorized users to copy data to removable media, enforcing FIPS 140-2 Level 2 validated encryption and providing detailed forensics and auditing of information that is moved to and from devices.

Lumension’s Security Management Solutions for Security Administrators:

  • Identifies all software vulnerabilities and configuration issues
  • Automates the patch and remediation of vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by threats
  • Enforces policies that do not allow known and unknown threats to execute, such as malware, viruses, spyware and zero-day threats
  • Controls and monitors the flow of inbound and outbound data
  • Identifies organizational security holes in the protection of sensitive information through comprehensive auditing capabilities
  • Encrypts sensitive data as it is moved onto removable devices / media
  • Protects against network security breaches where confidential data could be exposed to fraud or where network availability is disrupted

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