Patch Tuesday Monthly Security Briefing september 2011

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Welcome Break from Microsoft While IT Deals with SSL Certificate Issues

5 Important

Patch Tuesday Security Briefing

September’s Patch Tuesday from Microsoft is rather light with only 5 Bulletins – none of which are critical:

Even with no vulnerabilities rated critical this period, the importance of quickly deploying these upcoming patches should not be overlooked. Prioritize the remote code execution issues first with MS11-071, MS11-072 and MS11-073 followed by privilege escalation issues MS11-070 and MS11-074.

In light of the current DigiNotar certificate issues (including the latest threat by the hacker to exploit the Microsoft Windows Update service) the handling of potentially compromised digital certificates is currently top of the list for most IT pros this period. Many IT professionals are already busy dealing with replacing their server certificates and also updating user browser / OS software to revoke trust in compromised certificates so this Patch Tuesday is welcome break.

Mozilla is being very aggressive in dealing with the issue and has sent communication to all CA’s with root certificates in NSS requesting immediate action. This seems to allude to the fact that other CA’s could face the same demise seen at DigiNotar if they are not cooperative and forthcoming.

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How to Improve Endpoint Security on a SMB Budget

Tuesday, September 27, 11am ET

Today’s cybercriminals are targeting small-to-midsize organizations more frequently. With limited staff and resources, SMBs face the challenge of increasing IT security issues and more sophisticated threats with a limited arsenal. Join security expert and author, Roger Grimes and director of solution marketing with Lumension, Chris Merritt as they discuss practical recommendations for improving security, including how to:

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» Important

MS11-070   Elevation of Privilege, Vulnerability in WINS
MS11-071   Remote Code Execution, DLL Linking
MS11-072   Arbitrary Code Execution, Microsoft Excel
MS11-073   Code Execution, Microsoft Office
MS11-074   Elevation of Privilege, Sharepoint

Updates Outside of Microsoft

Here are the notable third party updates from the last month:

Apple Security Content

Adobe Security Content

Sun Java Security Content

Also, in response to the DigiNotar trust certificate hack, the following updates have been issued by our supported vendors:

Apple Security Content

Mozilla Security Content

Microsoft Security Content

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