PatchLink Corporation Acquires Moonlight Systems

PatchLink Corporation, the leading provider of security patch and vulnerability management software, solutions, and services, today announced the acquisition of Moonlight Systems, a developer of configuration management software, as a wholly owned subsidiary.

Scottsdale, AZ and San Mateo, CA, Sep. 14, 2004

PatchLink acquires the rights to all technology assets including the Moonlight configuration management solution. Moonlight customers will receive full support through PatchLink’s sales and support teams. Moonlight’s configuration management technology is a complementary product to PatchLink’s patch and vulnerability management solution, which currently has several million subscribers worldwide. Moonlight’s technology, which is currently installed by enterprise customers such as Yahoo!, Lycos, and MCI, is Web-based, cross-platform, and proven to scale to thousands of servers deployed across several geographic regions. According to PatchLink CEO Sean Moshir, “There are two major areas of vulnerability in today’s network environment. Patch management addresses security-related software defects while configuration management covers incorrectly configured software and services, both of which could lead to security breaches. These two technologies are very complementary, providing a comprehensive approach to enterprise security management. This is the next step in realizing our vision of 360-degree network security.” Several leading analysts provide industry backing to PatchLink’s core position that patch management should be a security application priority for organizations. “The vast majority of attacks, including automated worms, target known vulnerabilities that have patches available. However, ensuring that patches are up-to-date and successfully installed is a very difficult task,” explained IDC research director for Security Products, Charles Kolodgy. “Vulnerability assessment, remediation, and management software, such as PATCHLINK UPDATE, will find considerable synergy when combined with configuration management capabilities. To this end, the purchase of Moonlight is an effective way for PatchLink to strengthen and expand their core competency.” During the past year, IT’s demand for greater security control and functionality has increased. Notes Moshir, “Our private and public sector companies continue to clamor for more comprehensive system security capabilities. By aligning patch and configuration technologies, our customers can be assured of PatchLink’s commitment to meeting their security management needs and compliance requirements.” Vice President of Gartner Research Mark Nicolett added, “IT organizations need to implement a vulnerability management program that has a strong focus on configuration management and security configuration policy compliance.” Commenting further on the consolidation that the security management software market is experiencing, Phebe Waterfield, Security Solutions & Services analyst with The Yankee Group, said, “By integrating these two pure-play security technologies, PatchLink extends its leadership position to more fully address security management.” Integration of Moonlight’s product into PatchLink’s product offerings is already underway. Moonlight’s customer base, which targets large enterprise-class organizations, also complements PatchLink’s, allowing the current sales force to effectively support both products. Moonlight customer inquiries are being redirected to PatchLink at 480.970.1025, Opt. 1.

About PatckLink

PatchLink®, a global leader in vulnerability management solutions, provides the industry's first comprehensive security platform for unified protection and control of all enterprise servers and endpoints. More than 5,000 organizations around the globe use PatchLink's positive security model solutions to integrate management and administration, consolidate infrastructure, enforce enterprise-level policies, lower cost of ownership and reduce risk. PatchLink is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona and was founded in 1991 by Sean Moshir.