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Lumension® Endpoint Management and Security Suite

Our integrated endpoint management and security solution suite reduces complexity, optimizes TCO, improves visibility and delivers control back to IT. Product modules included in this evaluation are: Lumension® AntiVirus, Lumension® Application Control, Lumension® Device Control, Lumension® Patch and Remediation, and Lumension® Power Management.

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Lumension® Intelligent Whitelisting™

The industry's first application control / whitelisting solution that increases endpoint security effectiveness without impacting business productivity.

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Suite Enabled Modules

Lumension® AntiVirus

Our proven anti-malware module that blocks and removes malware and seamlessly integrates with other Lumension modules for true defense-in-depth endpoint security.

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Lumension® Application Control

Our market-leading application whitelisting module, which enables you to enforce flexible application whitelist policies that identify and prevent the installation and execution of any unwanted, untrusted or malicious applications – without waiting for the latest antivirus definitions or vulnerability patches.

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Lumension® Device Control

Ensure total control of all removable media, USB devices and port access, as well as preventing malware from running on your network. Enforces organization-wide usage policies for removable devices, removable media, and data (such as read/write, encryption) and enables organizations to embrace productivity-enhancing tools while limiting the potential for data leakage and its impact.

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Lumension® Patch and Remediation

The market-leading patch management solution that enables you to automatically identify and patch vulnerabilities across heterogeneous operating systems, Microsoft and non-Microsoft applications, and endpoint configurations through a single console.

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Free Risk Assessment Tools

Lumension has developed the following security tools to help you assess your risk posture.

Lumension® Application Scanner

Discover all applications running on your network.

Lumension® Device Scanner

Discover every removable device ever connected to your endpoints.

Lumension® Vulnerability Scanner

Discover all OS and application vulnerabilities on your network.