Welcome to the Endpoint Security Demo Center. Here you will find a series of On-Demand videos that demonstrate the power and flexibility of our Endpoint Security solutions and products. In a few short minutes we’ll answer these questions for you: What is it? How does it work? How can I use it in my environment?


These 15-20 minute demo-in-detail videos walk you through the entire step-by-step process of how the Lumension® products and solutions will make your endpoints more secure and productive.

Lumension® Intelligent Whitelisting™

Follow our Product Management team as they walk you through the Lumension® Intelligent Whitelisting™ guided demo. Learn how to: eliminate malware, identify all executables, define automated trusted change policies, log attempted execution attempts, implement a lockdown policy and update patches and policies.

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Lumension® AntiVirus

Follow our Product Management team as they walk you through the Lumension® AntiVirus guided demo. Learn how to: identify known malware and suspicious code, malware and suspicious code from executing and remove it, provide continuous in-depth protection, and manage overall network health.

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Lumension® Application Control

Follow our Product Management team as they walk you through the Lumension® Application Control guided demo. Learn how to: snapshot individual endpoints and catalog all executables, define the rules for your Trust-Engine, block unwanted / unknown applications, and manage updates.

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Solving Your Business Challenges

These 5-10 minute video vignettes address specific business and security challenges that the Lumension® products and solutions can help you address.

Automating Whitelist Management

Challenge: Historically, whitelisting has been difficult to manage, especially in today's dynamic endpoint environments.

Question: How does one maintain an effective whitelist -- one that both provides better security but does not impact users' productivity -- in today's dynamic endpoint environments without a labor-intensive, manual process?

Solution: Trust Engine -- Automated Trusted Change

Simplifying Whitelist Creation

Challenge: Creating a baseline whitelist in production environments can be difficult due to the variation among endpoint builds.

Question: How does one provide better security without trying to force everyone into a one-size-fits-all gold image, which may be both too restrictive and too permissive at the same time?

Solution: Easy Lockdown -- Take Control Now

Eliminating Unwanted Applications

Challenge: Historically, whitelisting has not provided immediate relief from applications which are unwanted, unsupported or introduce too much security risk.

Question: How does one eliminate these sorts of applications without locking down all the endpoints?

Solution: Denied Applications -- Eliminate Risk, Improve Performance, Facilitate Productivity

Getting Application Visibility

Challenge: Because applications are constantly being introduced into the network -- or being changed -- in a variety of ways, it's difficult to know what's actual on endpoints.

Question: How does one get this visibility, and what actions should administrators take with it?

Solution: Application Event Logs -- Complete Visibility with Real-World Analysis

Reducing Local Admin Risk

Challenge: Lots of software is known to be effective against malware, but does nothing to rein in user access control issues.

Question: How does one regain control over end user actions in today's permissive and opaque environment?

Solution: Local Admin Control -- Enforce Local Admin Control, Reduce Risk

Promoting Acceptance with Customized
End User Experience

Challenge: End users are often frustrated by security systems which seem to hinder productivity with no discernable benefit.

Question: How does one get policy information to end users in a proactive manner?

Solution: Customized End User Experience -- Enlightened End Users, Effective Security

Empowering Users to Make On-the-Fly Whitelist Decisions

Challenge: Application whitelisting is a powerful way to prevent modern-day malware, but it can be impact end user productivity if implemented in an overly restrictive manner on users who require some level of flexibility.

Question: How does one provide end users on-the-fly flexibility to support productivity without endangering the entire network?

Solution: Local Authorization — a component of the Trust Engine — provides additional flexibility which is local and reviewable.

Application Control and AntiVirus - Working Together

Challenge: Application whitelisting is an important part of a defense-in-depth security strategy, but implementing it on existing endpoints adds cost and burden to endpoint management.

Question: How does one roll out application whitelisting if the endpoints may have malware on them?

Solution: Integrate AC and AV onto common platform to get better security at lower cost and IT burden.

Leveraging Application Trust Scores

Challenge: Application whitelisting works by allowing only wanted, "known good" and otherwise trusted applications to execute, but it is difficult to make sense of the many applications in a typical endpoint environment..

Question: How does one know which new apps are legitimate and which are malware?

Solution: Cloud-based reputation data gathered from trusted sources supports more informed trust decision making for both admins and end users.

In Depth AV Scanning

Challenge: AV scans can impose a noticeable endpoint performance hit which can impact end user productivity.

Question: How does one get in-depth malware protection without slowing end users down?

Solution: Control how and when endpoints are scanned for malware.

One Suite Solution

All of the above product modules and solutions are delived via the Lumension® Endpoint Management and Security Suite.

Lumension® Endpoint Management and Security Suite

Spend 30 minutes with Rich Hoffecker, Sr. Product Manager, as he walks you through a guided demo of the Lumension® Endpoint Management and Security Suite platform. Learn more about the underlying technology that delivers a complete, multi-layer endpoint security solution and get a detailed walk-through of core platform features, such as the Dashboard, Installation Manager, Asset Discovery and Agent Deployment, Integrated Management Console, Inventory Management, Endpoint Management, Remote Systems Management, Active Directory Sync, Wake-on LAN, Endpoint Policy Management, and Reporting.

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