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Optimal Security Videos

The State of the Endpoint: a New Security Path for 2010 and Beyond

A new study commissioned by Lumension and conducted by the Ponemon Institute reveals how emerging technologies, such as Web 2.0,virtualization, mobile computing and the consumerization of IT are affecting business environments and how organizations are managing technology risks across IT operations and security.

7 Things Every CEO Should Know About Information Security

Lumension Chairman and CEO Pat Clawson provides executive-level insight into effective, data-centric, corporate security.

perfect storm The Perfect Storm
Similar to the 2000 movie, three storm fronts are converging to create a Perfect Storm tightening budgets, increasing new insider risks, and changing cybercrime landscape. Lumension’s Chairman and CEO Pat Clawson provides insight on how organizations can navigate around this Perfect Storm and optimize your security posture.

Ponemon Ponemon 2009 Mega Trends Survey Results : The Mobile Workforce
How do you manage the security for a mobile workforce in 2009? Don Leatham, Sr. Director of Solutions & Strategy from Lumension outlines ways to effectively safeguard data and your mobile workforce in 2009.

Security Trends Key Security Mega Trends and Emerging Threats for 2009
A new study commissioned by Lumension and conducted by the Ponemon Institute outlines the top security concerns for 2009, including Cyber Crime, Data Breach, Web 2.0, and much more.

Data Protection Videos

portable panic Portable Panic: The Evolution of USB Insecurity
Lumension's VP of Endpoint Security, Bill Aubin provides insight on the security risks introduced by the proliferation of portable devices and how organizations can protect their data against from theft or loss in the workplace.

mobile devices Mobile Devices in the Workplace: Striking the Right Balance
Lumension’s Chairman and CEO Pat Clawson provides insight on how organizations can protect mobile devices in the workplace from the proliferation of USB data loss and theft.

mobile devices - emerging threat Mobile Devices: the New Emerging Threat
Lumension's VP of Security Technologies, Chris Andrew, sits down to discuss how security has moved beyond the endpoint with the convergence of business and personal tools.

common myths about data protection Debunking the Most Common Myths about Data Protection
Lumension's SVP Business Development sits down to debunk the most common myths about data protection.

Endpoint Protection Videos

past present and future The Past, Present and Future of Whitelisting
Vice President of Solution Marketing Paul Zimski provides an in-depth look at the fast changing IT landscape and how intelligent whitelisting will play a key role in mitigating risk while enabling the business.

trust centric Why Building a Trust Centric Model is the Future of Effective Endpoint Management
Matt Mosher, senior vice president of the Americas at Lumension, outlines why blended trust-centric approach to endpoint protection provides better security and compliance posture and flexibility as well as efficiencies across IT operations and security.

past present and future Demystifying Barriers - A Practical Approach to Simplifying Whitelisting
Vice President of Solution Marketing Paul Zimski outlines key steps to help organizations overcome obstacles around whitelisting and successfully implement and manage a trusted environment.

future of security Why Whitelisting is the Future of Security
Lumension's CEO & Chairman Pat Clawson sits down to discuss the changes in the threat landscape that has resulted in the need to protect against the unknown with Whitelisting.

AAA How to Make Whitelisting Operationally Efficient & Manageable
Lumension's SVP of Americas, Matt Mosher sits down to discuss the advancements in Endpoint Security with Operational Whitelisting.

Vulnerability Management Videos

keys to the kingdom Getting Back the Keys to the Kingdom
Lumension's VP of Vulnerability Management, Alan Bentley sits down to discuss the changing vulnerability landscape and how companies can secure their networks by getting back to the basic fundamentals of security with Vulnerability Management.

vm in a web 2.0 world Vulnerability Management in a Web 2.0 World
Lumension's Sr. Director of Solutions and Strategy, Don Leatham, sits down to discuss Vulnerability Management challenges in a Web 2.0 world, and how to defend against these threats.

Compliance and Reporting Videos

Why Compliance and Security Need to Play Nice
According to Federal Cyber Security Outlook 2010, while a majority of respondents felt that compliance has had a positive effect in improving IT security, only 21 percent of respondents indicated that security was not affected as a result of compliance mandates. In this video interview, Matt Mosher, SVP of the Americas, Lumension, takes an in-depth look at how organizations can make compliance a continuous process by correlating compliance with security posture.

future of security Cutting the Cost of Compliance
Lumension CEO & Chairman Pat Clawson sits down to discuss the biggest compliance challenges and how organizations can effectively address compliance.

AAA Naked Truth about Compliance and Risk: Bottom Up Vs Top Down
When organizations lack a clear picture of their compliance strategy and risk posture they tend to overspend on individual audit activities. The result is poor visibility and duplication of efforts across multiple departments and business units. Learn how you can take a top down approach to better manage critical IT risk, simplify compliance processes and reduce your audit complexity and costs.


Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust Lancashire Care NHS Protects a Million Mobile Records with Lumension
Lumension® Device Control enables IT managers at Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust to create a 'whitelist' of approved devices that are allowed to connect to their network. Everything else is blocked from running on that network by default.

Salvation Army Salvation Army Protects the Integrity of Data and Global Brand
The United Kingdom based Salvation Army chose Lumension Data Protection to mitigate the challenges of data loss by controlling what devices could connect to their endpoints, and what data could be transfered to those devices.

ec.suite EC Suite.com Achieves Total Endpoint Risk Protection with Lumension
EC Suite.com meets PCI DSS compliance requirements with proactive software solutions from Lumension Security; to protect against malware and spyware, as well as preventing the connection of unwanted devices and installation of unwanted software.

practical approachA Practical Approach to IT Security Risks
In this Videocast, Information Security Magazine's Andy Briney and Lumension Chairman & CEO Pat Clawson discuss how organizations can implement a practical approach to identifying, prioritizing and responding to IT security risks. You can view this Videocast and find out how this type of proactive, policy-based approach can establish, enforce and maintain desired security postures.