Security professionals and IT executives have been faced with an interesting dilemma over the past decade. Even as their organizations continue to pour money into information security tools and programs, security incidents and high-profile breaches continue to plague them. The fact is the threat landscape has dramatically changed, as has the way IT delivers innovations. Hackers have become more agile than ever, insiders have increasingly taken advantage of trust and new Web 2.0 technologies give both parties open access to sensitive data stores. Meanwhile, IT departments face greater pressure to work efficiently, pushing more businesses to adopt alternative solutions, such as cloud computing, virtualization and outsourcing. Though they can improve operations, these solutions are also ushering in an era of new security challenges. Lumension, the global leader in endpoint management and security, is forging ahead to shed light on how these shifts are impacting risks facing organizations by educating users on taking a more integrated approach to endpoint security.

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  • IT Pro's 3 Step Guide to Safe Social Media - Social media has redefined the way we relate to family and friends. But these tools aren't just for keeping up with long-lost high school buddies. Social media also enables business
  • What Every CEO Should Know About IT Security - A candid CEO-to-CEO explanation of IT risk, what you stand to lose and how to use your leadership role to build a culture of security within the organization.
  • It's Your Move: The Changing Game in Endpoint Security - In the game of endpoint security, many organizations are caught in a losing battle against some very cunning opponents. Many of today's IT security departments are using basic 'move, countermove' thinking to plan their defenses, which might be fine against more lackluster opponents. The problem is malicious hacking adversaries are ingenious and calculating, cleverly planning their moves in advance. As a result, they're usually one step ahead of their IT security counterparts. In short, we're losing the game — and we'll continue to do so if we don't make some strategic changes to our tactics.
  • Endpoint Security Fundamentals - This eBook and webcast series on Endpoint Security Fundamentals provides the strategies organizations need to build a real-world, defense-in-depth security program – one that is sustainable and one the does not impede business productivity. Experts who will lead the discussion are Mike Rothman, Analyst and President of Securosis, and Jeff Hughes, Director of Solution Marketing with Lumension
  • Shift Happens: An Evolution in Application Whitelisting - Vice President of Solution Marketing Paul Zimski demystifies common myths around emerging threats and technologies while providing clear guidance and strategy to help organizations embrace the future of intelligent whitelisting and operational endpoint security.
  • 7 Things Every CEO Should Know About Information Security (2008) - Chairman and CEO Pat Clawson provides his insight and approach that CEOs need to take in order to adopt a best-in-class endpoint security strategy and processes to stay ahead of the threat landscape while lowering overall TCO.

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