Shift Happens an evolution in application whitelisting

The explosion in malware and vulnerabilities over the last several years has narrowed the usefulness of blacklisting technology.

While still important, it can no longer remain the mainstay of the modern security program. A shift is needed, and whitelisting seems to be the answer. By allowing only trusted applications to execute on a system, organizations can beat hackers at the malware game by taking the ball and glove and quitting the game altogether.

Vice President of Solution Marketing Paul Zimski provides an in-depth look at the fast changing IT landscape and how intelligent whitelisting will play a key role in mitigating risk while enabling the business.


To better understand how whitelisting has evolved over the years, how it can offer immediate benefits within static environments and how future advances will help make whitelisting operationally feasible within dynamic environments, download this FREE eBook now and read on.

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