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According to a study by the Gartner Group, Over 90% of security exploits are carried out through known software vulnerabilities for which there are publicly available patches. Given that the timely deployment of software patches would dramatically reduce corporate risk, why doesn’t every organization deploy all applicable software patches? With over 8,000 new vulnerabilities identified in 2006 alone¹, many companies - especially small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) – simply lack the resources to address this huge, time consuming issue while managing all other critical IT functions.

To counteract this challenge, Lumension enables our large network of authorized Managed Security Services Partners (MSSPs) to deliver Lumension Patch and Remediation, the market-leading automated patch and vulnerability management solution, in a hosted, pay-as-you-go model that relieves the patching burden from overly stressed IT departments.

As a 100% web-based solution that securely delivers pre-tested patches over the Internet via an ongoing subscription model, Lumension Patch and Remediation is ideally suited for the managed services model. Lumension has been delivering Lumension Patch and Remediation in a hosted model for several years, allowing numerous SMB customers to:

  • Leverage consistent, effective 3rd party patching and monitoring of IT resources
  • Eliminate the initial capital investment in vulnerability management hardware, software and training
  • Employ the security expertise of Lumension (patch pre-testing, continuous repository updates, etc) to reduce corporate risk

Lumension’s MSSPs maintain all of the necessary Lumension Patch and Remediation hardware and software, perform all assessment and remediation activities, and provide you with ongoing monitoring and detailed status reports. By outsourcing your patch and vulnerability management activities via our managed services model, you are freed up to focus on the core IT competencies necessary to propel your organization forward.

For information on the Lumension Managed Security Services solution, please contact one of our authorized MSSPs, or contact us directly at 480 970-1025 (option 1) or

What Are Customers Say

“Lumension Patch and Remediation allows us to efficiently manage customer client machines to reduce downtime, increase network security and reduce costs associated with patch and vulnerability management.”

Matthew Sutton - CEO of HyBlue

Analyst Quote

“Good security staffs are difficult to find, and most companies have not elected to train, develop and retain security expertise in-house. For those reasons, leveraging the skills and personnel of an outsourcing vendor is very appealing.”

Steve Hunt, Giga Information Group

Analyst Quote

“Lumension Vulnerability Management offers value by enabling MSSPs to deliver automated scanning, assessment and remediation capabilities at customer sites combined with custom content delivery, asset tracking and inventory and remote machine management capabilities.”

Allan Carey, IDC