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With the perpetual onslaught of new vulnerabilities, including zero-day threats, implementing a cost-effective, positive security approach to unified protection and control is a critical component of enterprise security strategy. Organizations must establish and integrate processes to ensure systems are protected from unwanted intrusions.

Lumension also offers a wide range of professional services to assist organizations in maximizing the effectiveness of Lumension’s award-winning solutions as well as helping organizations reduce their IT security TCO.

Lumension Professional Services serves as an extension of your IT and security staff, providing your organization with best practices and operational support that is finely tuned from years of working with our global customer base. Our proven methodologies and certified Lumension experts ensure your unified protection and control solution is rapidly implemented and quickly adopted. Your IT staff will be professionally trained, and you’ll have a process to protect your organization from security threats and satisfy IT regulatory requirements.

Lumension Professional Services are scalable to provide your organization with tailored solutions including:

  • Onsite Modular and Custom Implementation Services for all Lumension solutions
    • Analyze needs, design a solution, and manage the entire implementation process according to customer specifications, timelines and budgets
    • Configure and integrate Lumension with full backup and disaster recovery programs
    • Develop and implement appropriate security and usage policies for licensed Lumension solutions
    • Develop and implement an agent deployment plan
    • Provide Lumension best practices for ongoing Lumension administration
  • Positive Security Solution Design
    • Assess current network infrastructure and security architecture
    • Review existing server and desktop layout and architecture, remote access policies, and production hours
    • Examine existing security patch and vulnerability management policies and procedures
    • Identify and document solution requirements
    • Deliver implementation designs, project plans, timelines, and solution risk assessments
  • Business Intelligence Services
    • Integrate Lumension based solutions with existing enterprise data warehouses and 3rd party data repositories
    • Design and develop custom security reports based on organizational reporting and compliance requirements
    • Ensure all reporting modules (ERS) are integrated fully and properly
  • Assessment and Compliancy
    • Provide periodic or one-time assessment and compliancy services
    • Review and determine critical security requirements based on business priorities and security audit requirements
    • Implement appropriate VMS components to meet project requirements
    • Document and deliver a remediation and compliance plan
    • Generate patch security, audit and remediation reports
    • Communicate Lumension best practices for ongoing compliance
  • Security Hardware/Software Solution Integration
    • Analyze needs and develop an integration plan according to customer specifications, timelines and budgets
    • Streamline processes by easily integrating a variety of security products, including scanner, quarantine, and policy management, into a comprehensive solution
  • Managed Unified Protection and Control Services
    • Provide day-to-day unified protection and control management and administration, remotely or on-site
    • Supplement IT security staff with tailored short- and long-term engagements based on organizational needs
  • Solution Health Check
    • Perform overall performance and configuration health checks to ensure Lumension solutions and related infrastructure are properly configured and fully functional
    • Assess and tune for optimal performance during peak usage times
    • Document changes and monitor adjustments to ensure the highest level of efficiency
    • Communicate Lumension best practices to maximize your investment
  • Custom Development Services
    • Design and develop extensions to Lumension solutions to meet a specific customer’s unique requirements
    • Create patches for custom applications with the Lumension Developers Kit
    • Assist with creating a patch management production lab and solution setup
    • Communicate best practices for building and testing custom patches
  • Onsite Training

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Lumension Services are governed by the Services-specific terms and conditions within our EULA (Section 4.2). Perhaps most notably:

  • If you reschedule or postpone Services engagements less than 10 days before the scheduled service date, you will be responsible for expenses that Lumension reasonably incurs as a result of the change.
  • Prepaid services fees that go unused for 12 months will expire.
  • Reasonably incurred travel and living expenses are payable by the customer if the order document states that they are reimbursable.