Lumension® Data Protection

Prevent Data Loss and Theft by Enforcing Data Encryption and Removable Device Usage Policies

When data breaches occur, customers lose trust in an organization and brand equity is reduced. But while these costs are certainly sobering, they pale in comparison to the annual losses of corporate intellectual property.

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Data Encryption

Ensure data is encrypted and safe – no matter where it resides. more »


Integrate with other security modules for a defense-in-depth solution that is easy-to-use and implement. more »

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What is Lumension® Data Protection

Lumension® Data Protection delivers visibility and control of removable device usage and enforces encryption on removable devices and hard drives to ensure sensitive information is protected. It delivers the flexibility and ease-of-use needed to regain control of removable device and data usage on the endpoint - without impacting business productivity. The Lumension® Data Protection solution is comprised of the Lumension® Device Control module and the Lumension® Disk Encryption Add-On, both of which are available on the Lumension® Endpoint Management and Security Suite.

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