Lumension® Vulnerability Management

Integrated, Proactive Software Vulnerability Assessment and Patch Management

Deliver automated vulnerability assessment and patch management through an integrated solution that enables organizations to automatically detect risks, deploy patches and defend business information. All of this across a complex, highly-distributed environment with greater efficiency and minimal impact to productivity. These activities are seamlessly integrated into a single management console for complete visibility into your network.

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Proactively discover all IT assets in your heterogeneous environment and identify known issues before they can be exploited.


Deploy vulnerability and configuration remediations based on risk and exposure to minimize exploit potential.


Maintain a secure environment by continuously monitoring, detecting and remediating all major platforms and applications.


Integrate with other security modules for a defense-in-depth solution that is easy-to-use and implement.

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What is Lumension® Vulnerability Management

Lumension® Vulnerability Management allows you to effectively manage the entire vulnerability lifecycle and transition from a reactive security model to a proactive risk management approach. It combines award-winning products – including Lumension® Patch Management, Lumension® Content Wizard, Lumension® Security Configuration Management - to consolidate vulnerability and remediation data with centralized policy enforcement and compliance reporting across your entire network.

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