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Application Control


Allowing only Whitelisted Applications to Execute

Lumension® Application Control provides the most effective endpoint protection against known and unknown applications and malware, including zero-day threats.

New malware continues to be created at an exponential rate – at the start of 2015, AV-Test Institute was registering over 390,000 new malicious programs every day.1 More sophisticated and zero-day attacks are also on the rise. But traditional security defenses, such as anti-virus, are not able to keep up. And the impact to organizations’ bottom line is significant - malware driven costs can be as much as 50 percent of an organization’s endpoint TCO due to increased help desk calls, reimaging costs, network downtime and lost employee productivity.2

Even the major anti-virus vendors have concluded that stand-alone anti-virus no longer provides an effective defense and that additional layers of security technology are needed to address the rising volume and sophistication of threats. On average, less than 20 percent of malware is identified within the first day of its existence; this average detection rate only rises to 62 percent after 30 days.3 Learn more on why you should not rely upon stand-alone anti-virus.

Not only is the volume and sophistication of malware increasing, but so is the number of applications downloaded and installed by employees – particularly with local admin user accounts. Whether intentional or not, this increase in 3rd-party application installations exposes the organization to new levels of risk. In today's socially networked and cloud-enabled business environment, employees require flexibility to use a variety of applications in order to effectively perform their job responsibilities. Learn more about how application control/whitelisting can help IT balance the productivity needs and effectively manage the risk associated with user access rights.

Endpoint TCO Increasing Due to Malware

Introducing Lumension® Application Control

Lumension® Application Control prevents malware, zero-day and advanced memory injection attacks without impacting productivity by enforcing flexible application whitelisting policies that identify and prevent the installation and execution of any unwanted, untrusted or malicious applications – without relying on the latest antivirus definitions and vulnerability patches.

Lumension® Application Control allows organizations to:

Effectively Enforce Application Whitelist Policies – Actively enforce defined application whitelist policies, rather than relying on self-policing.

Prevent Zero-Day Attacks – Automatically block zero-day attacks by default, without waiting for an anti-virus definition to be developed and provided and without waiting for the latest vulnerability patches.

Stop Memory Injection AttacksProtect against advanced memory injection attacks by validating all new processes, even those initiated by approved running applications.

Implement Denied Application Policy – Enforce a blacklist of unwanted or unauthorized applications, thus preventing them from executing. Software Demo: Eliminating Unwanted Applications

Leverage Cloud-based Trust Score – The Lumension® Endpoint Integrity Service (EIS) provides an integrated cloud-based approach to explicit identification and application risk rating information, used by both admin and end user levels for increased security, control and optimized management of the application ecosystem. Software Demo: Leveraging Application Trust Scores

Accommodate Flexibility with Local Authorization – Ensure business productivity is not impeded by allowing select end users to self-authorize endpoint application changes, without imperiling network security. Software Demo: Empowering Users to Make On-the-Fly Whitelist Decisions

Reduce Local Admin Account Risk – Ensure standardized system configurations by enforcing policies that enable only trusted and authorized applications to run – without taking away local admin rights. Software Demo: Reducing Local Admin Risk

Enhance Application Visibility -– Gain complete visibility into all of the applications currently running in your endpoint environment.
Software Demo: Getting Application Visibility

Quickly Define Application Whitelist Policies – Snapshot the endpoint environment to quickly define baseline application whitelist policies and then optimize policies before deployment by running in a monitor-log only mode. Software Demo: Simplifying Whitelist Creation

Automate Application Whitelist Maintenance with Trust Engine – Automatically update whitelists based on trust policies, to ensure continuous protection, and reduce IT burden and TCO. Software Demo: Automating Whitelist Management

Ensure Complete Protection at All Times – Effectively prevent the installation and use of unauthorized software and the introduction and execution of malicious code regardless of whether or not the endpoint is connected to the organizational network. Software Demo: Application Control and AntiVirus - Working Together

Increase Productivity and Reduce TCO – Improve the stability and performance of the network environment and lessen operational support costs, such as IT help desk calls and endpoint reimages. With improved visibility across all applications running in the network, IT can identify and eliminate software conflicts that impact productivity and TCO.

Lumension® Application Control is available as a modular offering on the Lumension® Endpoint Management and Security Suite, and integrates with Lumension® Patch and Remediation and Lumension® AntiVirus to deliver a powerful and innovative application whitelisting solution, Lumension® Intelligent Whitelisting™.

Lumension® Application Control Workflow


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