Lumension® Endpoint Management and Security Suite:
Device Control

Lumension® Device Control enables you to minimize insider risks such as data loss and malware introduction via removable devices.

Centrally control and enforce security policies regarding use of removable devices (e.g., USB flash drives) and media (e.g., DVDs/CDs) to prevent data loss and theft, thwart malware intrusion, and protect data via encryption.

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Data Loss and
Theft Prevention

Protect valuable organization and customer data from loss or theft via removable devices / media. more »


Require end users to encrypt data being copied to removable devices / media in compliance with policy / regulation. more »


Monitor all files being transferred onto / off your network by file metadata or the patented bi-directional full file shadowing capability. more »


Add another layer to your defense-in-depth strategy to protect against USB-borne malware introduction / propagation. more »

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What is Lumension® Device Control

Lumension® Device Control is an award-winning leader in preventing data loss / theft via removable devices / media, and is available as a modular offering on the Lumension® Endpoint Management and Security Suite. With Lumension® Device Control, organizations can quickly identify all endpoint-connected devices in their environment and flexibly enforce a comprehensive security policy that prevents unauthorized use, limits malware intrusion, and forces encryption of sensitive data.

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