Embedded Device Control API Program

Endpoints are easy targets for data leakage, loss or theft. In fact, 53 percent of organizations would NEVER know what data was on a lost USB device¹.

Lumension’s award-winning Lumension Endpoint Security delivers data leakage prevention (DLP) through seamless, policy-based device control. Protecting against known and unknown threats targeting your enterprise customers, Lumension Endpoint Security enforces a security posture that allows only the known good removable media to be accessed by authorized users on their desktops/laptops. Any devices that are not known and trusted are automatically denied the ability to execute or be accessed.

What is the Embedded Device Control API Program?

Lumension, the worldwide leader in Unified Protection and Control solutions, including the award-winning and industry-renowned Lumension Device Control, is working with OEM partners to offer best-of-breed data leakage prevention to enterprise customers. Embedding Lumension Device Control into your current offering immediately provides data protection and user security at an enterprise’s fingertips.

Top 5 Benefits to OEM Partners and Your Customers

OEM Partner Benefits OEM Partner Customer’s Benefits
Gain a Unique Advantage in the Market
Extend your current solution and enforce DLP as it relates to removable media, ensuring that corporate data is properly secured.
Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) Capabilities
Lumension Endpoint Security removes the risk of data theft or data leakage from unauthorized removable media access.
Enhance Perception of Your Company and Products
Enhance your corporate and product reputation by incorporating Lumension’s best-of-breed technology. Recent awards and reviews include:
Protection from the Introduction of Malware and Unwanted Applications
By not allowing unauthorized devices to be accessed, Lumension Endpoint Security prevents the introduction of unknown/malicious code.
Exploit DLP Market Growth to Increase Revenue within your Base
Data Leakage Prevention is a hot topic for many enterprises with IT Security budget being allocated towards this requirement. Lumension Device Control technology can be quickly incorporated into your existing solutions to allow for quick exploitation of this opportunity.
Compliance with Industry Standards and Government Regulations
Lumension Endpoint Security enables your customers to comply with evolving regulations governing privacy and internal controls (i.e., Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, GLBA and more).
Protect Your Current Customer Base from Competitive Entry
By extending your solutions and capabilities with Lumension Device Control, you can add DLP capabilities to protect your customer base from competitive entry while increasing revenues within your base.
Maintenance of Enterprise IT System Integrity
By denying all unknown and unwanted devices, Lumension Endpoint Security ensures proper configurations and improves IT system performance and network bandwidth.
Align Your Company and Product Line with Best Practices
DLP is a top concern for many enterprises and is required by industry guidelines, government regulations or corporate policies. By embedding Lumension Device Control, you are aligning with best practices that have been created by many governing bodies.
Employee Productivity Improvements
Lumension Endpoint Security enables organizations to allow only the devices that are required for employees to accomplish their daily job requirements.