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Lumension® Reporting Services

How effective is your endpoint reporting solution?

IT environments today are increasingly complex and fluid - achieving comprehensive visibility of all the moving parts can be a daunting task. It's imperative that your endpoint management solutions provide a complete and actionable snapshot of your organization's security, operational and compliance postures. With different audiences and multiple technologies, your endpoint reporting solution must easily and succinctly provide executives and business line managers the information they need on a regular basis while reducing the workload and improving results of administrative staff.

Create meaningful and actionable reports with Lumension® Reporting Services

Lumension® Reporting Services (LRS) is a collection of powerful and actionable reports providing centralized visibility of IT assets and the security posture of the L.E.M.S.S. endpoint environment. Reports are accessible online and allow executives, managers, administrators, and other end users to view critical dashboards with compelling charts and graphs and automatically receive up-to-the-minute reports. Actionable reports provide reliable, granular data that serve as a basis for compliance and risk assessment as well as strategic decisions. Special drill-down functionality provides details on specific endpoints, patch status, inventory, and online/offline status to support the data provided in executive overviews. LRS includes fully customizable reporting templates allowing organizations to extend the provided data and reporting features to meet their particular reporting needs.

Lumension Reporting Services is an integrated, fully customizable, and centralized business intelligence solution that is complementary to native L.E.M.S.S. reporting and enables organizations to:

  • Gain comprehensive visibility into the endpoint environment
    • Powerful dashboards, charts and graphs provide centralized visibility of IT assets and consolidated vulnerability and configuration data across the enterprise
    • Drill-down into detailed endpoint reports for further investigation and analysis
    • Leverage grouping and Active Directory integration for specific areas of interest


  • Assess business risk through granular data analysis
    • Numerous patch status reports allow thorough vulnerability, configuration, and risk analysis
    • Identify concerns in individual endpoints or groups via detailed inventory reports
    • Generate both high-level summaries and detailed data breakdowns for further investigation


  • Demonstrate compliance with corporate and regulatory security policies
    • Generate reports to show compliance with internal policies and external regulations
    • Actionable reports reveal noncompliance in any areas of the organization
    • Allow auditors to access the same tool for consistency and eliminate redundant effort


  • Decrease administrative burden and cost through reports automation
    • Automate routine tasks and reduce effort required to obtain actionable intelligence
    • Reports are web-accessible to any authorized individual in the organization with or without login to L.E.M.S.S.
    • Generate ad hoc reports or schedule recurring reports / status updates to Executives and Management
    • Email, export, or print reports for workflow management


  • Reduce total cost of ownership by leveraging your L.E.M.S.S. investment
    • Integrated web reporting capabilities save the additional investment of a stand-alone reporting tool
    • Consolidated business intelligence reporting from all L.E.M.S.S. modules helps to catch endpoint weaknesses early and reduce the risk of endpoint compromise
    • Reporting templates can be customized to meet your particular reporting needs


Key Features & Benefits

  • Graphical
    • Professional reports for the executive level.
    • Effectively show your achievements to your Management.
  • Interactive & Drillable
    • High-level data can be investigated & backed up within the same report
  • Schedulable
    • Reports can be automated and emailed
  • Dynamic, Flexible & Customizable
    • Pre-configured reports come out-of-the-box for ad hoc reports
    • Reports are customizable to meet further needs
  • Complementary
    • Component of MS SQL – already installed with L.E.M.S.S.
    • No additional investment of or integration with a stand-alone reporting tool
  • Web-accessible
    • Accessible online by any authorized user, with or without L.E.M.S.S. access


System Requirements

Same as Lumension® Endpoint Management and Security Suite (L.E.M.S.S.) requirements except that Lumension® Reporting Services only supports versions of Microsoft SQL 2008 R2. Users of MS SQL versions lower than MS SQL 2008 R2 must upgrade to MS SQL 2008 R2 or 2008 R2 Express to use these reports. Upgrade instructions for some older MS SQL versions can be found in the Installation & Troubleshooting Guide available along with the binaries on the Customer Portal.

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