Lumension® Endpoint Protection

Proactive and Complete Protection to Ensure a Trusted Endpoint Environment

Solid endpoint protection requires a proactive and complete approach. Whitelisting combined with AV provides true defense-in-depth and is flexible enough to balance user productivity and convenience with enterprise security needs.

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Discover who is using what applications on which endpoints in your environment, and remove dormant malware or unwanted programs.


Gain control over applications running on your network, preventing unwanted or malicious code from impacting your security and operations.


Leverage Trust Engine and cloud-based trust score to automate whitelist maintenance, reducing IT costs and ensuring only trusted applications will be authorized to run in your environment.


Integrate with other security modules for a defense-in-depth solution that is easy-to-use and implement.

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What is Lumension® Endpoint Protection

Lumension® Endpoint Protection fully protects endpoints from known and zero-day malware while enabling the use of only authorized software. With Lumension® Application Control and Lumension® AntiVirus, you can prevent known and unknown malware and centrally manage, monitor and control applications. By employing an application whitelisting approach, you can ensure that only authorized applications are allowed to run on workstations and mission-critical servers, preventing the execution of unknown or malicious code.

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