Lumension® Endpoint Security XPress
Application, Device and Port Control

Lumension® Endpoint Security XPress provides
fast, effective and scalable protection from sophisticated malware and targeted attacks

Centrally manage and enforce security policies to prevent malware from reaching and
executing on high value assets, including servers, fixed function assets and thin-client or
virtualized endpoints, using a proactive whitelisting approach.


Application Control

Prevent malware from executing by maintaining change control over what applications are allowed to run on your assets. more »

Device Control

Maintain control over devices which access your assets – rogue WiFi / Bluetooth beacons, USB sticks, keyloggers, printers, etc. – to prevent unauthorized usage. more »

Media Encryption

Protect against data leakage or theft if copied to removable media, especially for virtual desktop environments. more »

Event Logging

Identify indicators of compromise to stay ahead of sophisticated malware and targeted attacks. more »

What is Lumension® Endpoint Security XPress

Lumension® Endpoint Security XPress is a packaged solution that brings together the best features of Lumension’s device and application control technologies. This award-winning solution provides fast, effective and scalable protection by utilizing an application and device whitelisting approach designed to prevent malware intrusion by physical means such as removable devices / media and to prevent highly evasive malware from executing on your assets, regardless of attack vector.

Ideal for servers, fixed function assets (e.g., POS, ATM and pay-at-the-pump systems), and thin-client or virtualized endpoints, Lumension® Endpoint Security XPress allows organizations to quickly identify and lock-down endpoints to proactively prevent unauthorized use of removable devices, ports, and unknown application from being installed and executed – all without having to rely on AV definitions and vulnerability patches.

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