Hardware Manufacturer Program

With 74 percent of an enterprise’s overall financial losses the result of virus attacks, unauthorized access to networks, lost/stolen laptops and mobile hardware, theft of proprietary info or intellectual property, protecting corporate endpoints is of utmost importance¹. Endpoints have become the likeliest entry point for malware and are also targeted by cyber criminals and insiders for data theft. In fact:

  • 75 percent of enterprises will be infected with undetected, financially motivated, targeted malware that evaded traditional perimeter and host defenses²
  • 53 percent of organizations would NEVER know what data was on a lost USB device³

Lumension’s Award-Winning Lumension Endpoint Security delivers seamless policy-based application and device control to proactively secure PCs from threats, including data leakage, malware and spyware. Protecting against known and unknown threats targeting your enterprise customers, Lumension Endpoint Security enforces a security posture that allows only the known good applications and devices to execute on your hardware devices.

What is the Hardware Manufacturer Program?

Lumension, the worldwide leader in Unified Protection and Control solutions, including the award-winning and industry-renowned Lumension Application and Device Control, is working with hardware manufacturers to offer a higher level of endpoint security to enterprise customers.

Lumension Endpoint Security enables only authorized applications to execute and only authorized devices to be accessed on corporate endpoints. Any applications or devices that are not known and trusted are automatically denied the ability to execute or be accessed.

A pre-installed Lumension Endpoint Security agent – the software can be installed as a re-branded and dormant agent – puts comprehensive endpoint protection from unwanted applications and devices at an enterprise’s fingertips. This functionality is optional and transparent with the agent remaining silent until an enterprise’s IT Security Administrator initiates a wakeup command.

Benefits to Hardware Manufacturer

By pre-installing Lumension Endpoint Security onto PCs shipped to enterprise customers, you can:

  • Gain a unique advantage in the market with “out-of-the-box” application and device control for your customers
    Once Lumension Endpoint Security is turned on by the customer’s administrator, they can seamlessly protect against unwanted applications and targeted malware and they can enforce DLP as it relates to removable media, ensuring that corporate data is properly secured.
  • Reduce warranty support costs
    With Lumension Endpoint Security running on your machines, configurations are maintained significantly reducing the amount of machines that must be supported and rebuilt while under warranty. Case in point: With more end users installing non-business related programs and an increased number of threats, 85 percent of corporate machines need to be rebuilt every year4.
  • Enhance perception of your company and products.
    By partnering with an endpoint security leader like Lumension, you are standing at the forefront in terms of security for the PC’s that you produce.

Top 5 Benefits to Hardware Manufacturer’s Customers

  1. Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) Capabilities – Lumension Endpoint Security removes the risk of data theft or data leakage as a result of unwanted and unauthorized applications and devices
  2. Protection Against Malware and Unwanted Applications – Lumension Endpoint Security prevents the execution of unknown/malicious code including malware, spyware, zero-day threats and all other destructive viruses.
  3. Compliance with Industry Standards and Government Regulations – Lumension Endpoint Security enables your customers to comply with evolving regulations governing privacy and internal controls (i.e., Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, GLBA and more).
  4. Maintenance of Enterprise IT System Integrity – By denying all unknown and unwanted applications and devices, Lumension Endpoint Security ensures proper configurations and improves IT system performance and network bandwidth.
  5. Employee Productivity Improvements – Lumension Endpoint Security enables organizations to allow only the applications or devices that are required for employees to accomplish their daily job requirements.

How Can We Participate?

Interested in joining the Lumension partner community? Click here to access our on-line partner application. To learn more about the Lumension partner program contact your Lumension business development representative at +1 480-444-1681or patchlink.businessdevelopment@lumension.com.

Read our Hardware Manufacturer Program sheet here.

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