Protect Corporate Intellectual Property from Malware and Data Theft with Comprehensive Vulnerability Management, Endpoint Security and Data Protection

Manufacturing Industry Drivers and Challenges

As manufacturers open up connectivity into what used to be exclusive, independent shop-floor networks, they have to deal with ever-increasing security threats. Automating work processes, business operations, and communications helps increase efficiencies and improves the bottom line - vital to maintaining competitiveness in today’s global economy. However, this can also open a path to a wide variety of malicious attacks that can halt production, damage brand reputation, and impose financial liabilities.

Today, manufacturers face security challenges from outside and within, as well as the threats everybody faces when connected to the Internet - viruses, Trojans and other malware. If something on the shop floor breaks product might need to be scrapped, or somebody might even get hurt. Add to this the incredible value wrapped up in corporate IP and the impact of system vulnerabilities or data breaches can be very steep. For example, a recent case where a semiconductor design engineer stole top secret plans and data worth an estimated $1 billion by downloading the files to an external hard drive¹. In another recent case, a technician inadvertently connected an infected notebook into the production line, resulting in the loss of a day’s production worth €1 million.

Industry Solutions

Lumension’s Security Management Solutions Protect Manufacturing Operations and Intellectual Property

Lumension’s security management software protects against internal risks and external threats targeting your manufacturing organization by providing comprehensive vulnerability management, endpoint security, compliance and IT risk management and data protection solutions that enable you to:

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Protect your manufacturing operations and corporate IP from insider or targeted threats. Lumension® Data Protection removes the risk of corporate IP from being improperly disclosed and tracks the flow of inbound and outbound data by providing a detailed audit trail of all device, by tracking data that is copied to and from removable devices and by controlling what data is allowed to be copied to a device at the file level.
Lumension® Vulnerability Management identifies organizational security gaps in the protection of mission-critical operations and delivers rapid patch management and remediation of vulnerabilities to ensure that mission critical systems and data are not negatively impacted.
Lumension® Endpoint Protection prevents unwanted and malicious applications that were designed bypass anti-virus solutions from stealing sensitive data and tracks all application execution attempts.
Prevent malware and zero-day threats originating at an endpoint. Lumension® Endpoint Protection prevents Trojans, keyloggers or spyware from hitting your shop floor or stealing sensitive data and tracks all application execution attempts.
Increase compliance and visibility around any regulations or mandate and measure and prioritize IT risk. Lumension® Compliance and IT Risk Management helps organizations achieve lower costs of compliance by automating IT audit workflows, harmonizing controls with policy requirements, and providing greater reports and visibility across IT assets for optimal security and compliance management. 
Improve IT system performance. Lumension® Vulnerability Management, Lumension® Endpoint Protection, and Lumension® Data Protection all provide key capabilities that improve IT system performance: through standardizing endpoint configurations, patching vulnerabilities and by whitelisting applications and removable devices to ensure that only those authorized can execute on your network.
Reduce network and endpoint security TCO. Lumension® Vulnerability Management enables organizations to stay ahead of threats and remediate vulnerabilities quickly with fewer required resources.
Improve productivity and uptime. Lumension® Endpoint Protection blocks unwanted, potentially hazardous applications and enforces policy to ensure endpoints run as expected so your operations continue uninterrupted.
Enforce software license compliance within the organization. Lumension® Endpoint Protection ensures that only authorized software applications are running on corporate endpoints.