ISV Security Patch Management Compliance Program

SANS Top 20 Internet Security Risks of 2007 highlights critical vulnerabilities in software on personal computers inside and outside enterprises as a major risk that is frequently targeted by financially motivated hackers. To prevent such risk, SANS suggests using “automation to make sure systems maintain their secure configuration, remain fully patched with the latest version of the software (including keeping anti-virus software up to date.”

Lumension Patch and Remediation, ranked the #1 patch management solution by market share by IDC for the past three years, enables your customers to streamline their security updates (patches and hot fixes) for the software they currently license from your organization. By enabling the automation of the enterprise patch management process, Lumension Patch and Remediation ensures that your customers are compliant with the latest version of licensed software and that their system configurations are maintained.

With Lumension Patch and Remediation, organizations have the ability to rapidly respond to security and operational vulnerabilities, across all platforms and applications anywhere in the world – ultimately ensuring the enforcement of their desired security postures and configurations.

What is the ISV Security Patch Management Compliance Program?

Lumension, the worldwide leader in Unified Protection and Control solutions, including the #1 ranked Lumension Patch and Remediation, is working with all major software manufacturers to securely and rapidly deliver content updates to licensed customers. Software manufacturers play an integral role in this process, providing the content of these security updates. Lumension aims to leverage these content updates to streamline enterprises’ overall patch management and remediation process.

Top 5 Benefits to OEM Partners and Your Customers

OEM Partner Benefits OEM Partner Customer’s Benefits
Enhance Corporate and Product Brand Reputation
By empowering your customers to comply with security policies through enterprise-wide vulnerability assessment and remediation capabilities, you will add significant value on top of the software that you develop and further enhance your reputation as a market leader.
Automatic Software Vulnerability Detection
Lumension Patch and Remediation proactively detects and assesses application vulnerabilities on corporate endpoints.
Achieve Higher Level of Customer Satisfaction
By providing content directly to Lumension’s Lumension Patch and Remediation, you will simplify your customers’ enterprise patch management process and ensure that your software remains up-to-date.
Additional Vulnerability Testing
Lumension vulnerability experts add another layer of vulnerability testing before the rapid and secure delivery of content updates
Streamline and Reduce Support Costs
By ensuring that your software’s digital signature is the same as what was installed on your customers’ systems, you will ensure secure delivery and ensure that customers are running updated software – and thus receive fewer support calls and issues.
Streamlined Patch and Remediation Process
Lumension Patch and Remediation provides one-stop shopping for all patch and remediation requirements, with support for all major operating systems, software applications and operational vulnerabilities, and with automated deployments based upon patch criticalities and defined security policies.
Ensure License Compliance Validation
By utilizing Lumension as the delivery and enforcement mechanism of your critical patches, you can ensure that your customers are complying with their license agreements.
Intelligent, Secure Patch Deployments
Rapidly deploy any of the 15,000+ patches in the world’s largest repository of security content via a 128-bit encrypted VERISIGN trusted connection along with RSA BSAFE® encryption, with advanced capabilities designed to reduce administrative effort and limit end-user disruptions.
Minimize Bandwidth on Patch Deployment Servers
By giving Lumension distribution rights, you will reduce bandwidth on your patch deployment servers – Lumension will pull the patch once and securely and rapidly distribute to all appropriate parties instead of all licensed customers pulling updated content from your servers individually.
Continuous Validation of Policy Compliance
Monitor and report the vulnerability and patch status of each managed endpoint, with automatic e-mail alerts for new updates and failed deployments.

How to Participate

Interested in joining the Lumension partner community? Click here to access our on-line partner application. To learn more about the Lumension partner program contact your Lumension business development representative at +1 480-444-1681 or

Read our ISV Security Patch Management Compliance Program sheet here.