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Article: 1709  Upgraded L.E.M.S.S Agents Reported as Older Version in Console

After initiating an agent upgrade, the LEMSS console reports that some endpoints are still upgrading from their previous version after more than an hour has passed. However, after logging into the affected endpoints, the LEMSS Agent Control Panel displays that the endpoint has upgraded to the version you installed. Although the upgraded has completed, this inconsistency may cause confusion for customers.

Article: 1706  L.E.M.S.S 8.1

We are pleased to announce the general availability of Lumension Endpoint Management and Security Suite 8.1 (Server Suite

Article: 1707  Preparing to upgrade LEMSS from 7.2 to 8.1/8.2

Upgrades of LEMSS to version 8.0 require Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0, Microsoft KB 2836939, and the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package, if not already installed. For most versions of LEMSS, these requirements are installed during upgrade. However, when upgrading LEMSS 7.1 (all versions) and LEMSS to 8.0, manual installation of these requirements is necessary due to a limitation in Microsoft Silverlight that can potentially prevent the upgrade from occurring properly.

Article: 1699  Lumension Global Subscription Server Changes

This article provides information on upcoming GSS changes which will impact customers who use static/hardcoded GSS IP addresses.  Additionally, this article discusses the switch-off date for the GSS instances supporting LEMSS 7.1 and earlier releases.

Article: 1691  Upgrading Air Gap from 7.3 to 8.0

This article contains the procedures necessary to UPGRADE an existing LEMSS 7.3 Air Gap environment to LEMSS 8.0.

Article: 1690  Lumension Endpoint Management and Security Suite Version History

This article describes the history of the Lumension Endpoint Management and Security Suite since version 7.1

Article: 1686  Buttons/Options appear to be missing in Deployment Wizard

This article discusses an issue with certain buttons or options not showing in the the Deployment Wizard in LEMSS 8.0 and steps that can be taken to resolve this issue.

Article: 1684  L.E.M.S.S. 8.0

This article discusses the release of Lumension Endpoint Management and Security Suite (LEMSS) 8.0 and contains a list of enhancements and issues contained in this new release.

Article: 1680  Factors Affecting Dashboard Widget Performance

This article presents the underlying factors affecting dashboard widget performance and offers recommendations for their remediation.

Article: 1669  Citrix Receiver 4.1 for Windows Fails With 190C Error on Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008

This article describes a scenario that will occur if the Citrix Receiver for Windows 4.1 patch is deployed to a Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008 endpoint.

Article: 1668  CentOS/Red Hat Enterprise Linux update patch to install all outstanding updates

This article discusses the functionality and known issues for the following patches:

  • Endpoint Management - Apply all applicable packages from local repositories according to yum (Red Hat) (See Note)
  • Endpoint Management - Apply all applicable packages from local repositories according to yum (CentOS) (See Note)

Article: 1665  Application Maximum that can be applied to Denied Application and Supplementary Easy Lockdown/Auditor Policies

If more than 200 applications are added to the combination of all Denied and Supplemental Easy Lockdown policies, it may result in failure to deliver policies to endpoints.

Article: 1664  Error: "Your other Java's vendor is also not supported"

This article addresses an issue where customers may see a Java error when trying to install the LUM Agent on a Linux OS.

Article: 1663  Best Practices for Mandatory Baselines

This article contains Best Practices and Notable Behavior for Mandatory Baselines in LEMSS 7.0 and above.

Article: 1662  LEMSS Agent Install Using Group Policy Object

This article discusses how to distribute the LEMSS 8.0 Agent and higher using Group Policy Objects.

Article: 1661  Failure Upgrading LEMSS Agents with the Device Control module to 8.0 When Application Control is in Easy Lockdown Mode

The upgrading of Agents with the Device Control module to 8.0 fails when Application Control is in Easy Lockdown mode

Article: 1660  Lumension Patch and Remediation Support for Windows XP

This article contains information about Lumension Patch and Remediation support for Microsoft Windows XP

Article: 1659  Making changes to ASP.NET Applications on a Locked-down Endpoint

A Trusted Path policy is required to support trusted change on a locked-down IIS web server running ASP.NET applications if the changes are not pre-compiled.

Article: 1657  LEMSS Hardware Sizing and Software Guide

This article is intended to help administrators procure the hardware and software required for the Lumension Endpoint Management and Security Suite server installation.

Article: 1656  LEMSS DC frequent policy generation explained

This article discusses a scenario where customers who use LEMSS Device Control and have DC policies assigned to Computer Groups (Directory Service Groups or Custom Groups as seen under under Manage > Groups) may notice frequent DC policy generation on the LEMSS server. This behavior is by design.

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