Lumension® for Windows XP End-of-Support

Lumension® provides protection from malware, zero-day and targeted attacks against your
WinXP systems.

Microsoft® has stopped providing security patches for Windows XP – and for Office 2003 too. If your organization has not migrated off WinXP – for whatever reason – your systems are increasingly vulnerable to malware, zero-day and targeted attacks. Here are some steps you need to take to reduce those WinXP system risks.

Protect against unintended or malicious system-wide changes by enforcing standard user accounts and other security configuration settings.

Don't compound the problem by leaving vulnerabilities in 3rd party applications unpatched.

Guard against malware propagated by USB sticks and installation of rogue devices with device and port control.

Defend against the inevitable zero-days due to unpatched WinXP vulnerabilities with application whitelisting.

Surviving Windows XP End-of-Support

Microsoft Windows XP reached end-of-support in April 2014. The typical OS migration takes 18 months, and involves considerable planning, effort and cost. Organizations can reduce the cost and stress of a hurried migration by using Lumension security solutions to prevent malware, zero-day and targeted attacks, without impacting productivity.

Perhaps the best way to reduce the cost and stress associated with a hurried migration is to use application whitelisting to control what executables can run on your WinXP systems. Whether you use it to provide the necessary breathing room to do a proper migration, as a permanent solution to the end of support for WinXP and associated applications, or as a stepping stone to a better anti-malware solution across your entire organization, Lumension® Application Control will prevent malware, zero-day and targeted attacks without impacting productivity by stopping the execution of any unwanted, untrusted or malicious applications – without relying on the latest antivirus definitions and vulnerability patches. And the added bonus is improved performance over traditional AV!


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Which Solution is Right for You?

  • Are your WinXP installations on end users' desktops and laptops? If so, Lumension® Endpoint Management and Security Suite is right for you, providing an integrated, effective and flexible security solution.
  • Are your WinXP installations on fixed function assets like POS systems, ATMs, Pay-at-the-Pump systems, informational kiosks or other embedded systems? If so, Lumension® Endpoint Security XPress is right for you, providing fast, effective and scalable protection against malware.


Lumension® Endpoint Management and Security Suite

Delivers all of Lumension's security capabilities together – including application and device control, antivirus, and patch management – in a single server, single console, modular agent architecture for a true defense-in-depth approach to your system wide security needs. Ideal for today’s workstations which require an integrated, effective and flexible security solution to reduce malware infections, improve productivity and lower costs.

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Lumension® Endpoint Security XPress

Provides fast, effective and scalable protection from sophisticated malware and targeted attacks. Ideal for servers, fixed function assets (e.g., POS, ATM and pay-at-the-pump systems), and thin-client or virtualized endpoints, Lumension® Endpoint Security XPress allows organizations to quickly identify and lock-down endpoints to proactively prevent unauthorized use of removable devices, ports, and unknown application from being installed and executed – all without having to rely on AV definitions and vulnerability patches.

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